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One of the oldest engineering discipline, Civil Engineering, is a reasonably important field of engineering in countries that showing economic development and receiving a continuous migration to large cities due to rapid population growth. In our country, where urbanization have been increasing too quickly and enormously since 1990’s, there is a growing demand for civil engineers that have a command of the growing conditions of era and the advances in technology, and capable of using these attributes. In this regard, proficient in both national and international, scholarly and equipped civil engineering education is needed for our country, which located in the earthquake zone and consist of structures with problems in terms of both project and materials used, and still constructing these types of buildings.  Today, with the technology, which takes a great part of our lives; designing, planning, calculating and building structures that can stand up to any challenge by the nature is of great importance. In accordance with this purpose, the Yaşar University Civil Engineering program is scheduled to open to train civil engineers that can project more durable and sensitive structures to environment by using information technologies effectively and ready to compete in construction industry.